Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Garden Shed?

A boyfriend and girlfriend were playing hid and seek in the garden. The girl says, ‘If you can find me, you can lick my f**ny and sh*g me up the a**e. If you can’t find me in the garden shed.

The Garden Shed?
OMG!.How stupid..............hahaha.Is she stupid or IS She Stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Lol,lol,lol, 10/10 *.Excellent.
Reply:Brian M thank you for the points,and you're welcome.Hahaha,I just read the joke again....I've got to tell my hubby about this one. Report Abuse

Reply:hahahaha funny lol
Reply:bored are we .lol
Reply:Rach 2305

Give me her number will you

good one!!
Reply:wonder where she's going to hide!!!!!!!

good one.
Reply:God she is easy.

Good one.
Reply:Funny! 10!
Reply:nice 1
Reply:was the girl names sara? just sum1 i no ha :)
Reply:ha ha ha funny

thank for a laugh

Reply:In my day the joke ended with, no i had better not say in case it is against the rules. All i can say is she was in the cupboard!
Reply:do her legs spread like butter
Reply:good one matey, reminds me of the chicken joke, you know the one with the punchlines of; the breast was nice and tender,

the legs fell apart,

and the stuffing was out of this world

another star for your collection
Reply:good one
Reply:ha ha
Reply:Wow! Eager are we?!?! Good joke!

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