Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How can we get rid of screaching foxes from our garden???

We have had a problem in our garden for several months now where foxes are coming in, screaching and fouling in all sorts of places i.e. on top of our fishpond nets, in our dogs water bowl, on our shed roof and on our patio. Does anybody know of any sure way to get rid of the pesky nuisance without the use of an air rifle or sonar fox repeller.

How can we get rid of screaching foxes from our garden???
Set traps for foxes or try using human urine around the parameters of the area. Sounds gross, but most wild life does not like the human scent of urine. Save it up and pour around areas when dry weather is upon you.

Spray with ground up fresh Cayenne peppers or dried ones %26amp; water mixture spray with a weed sprayer to get them wet. Make sure the peppers and water are mixed thouroughly and filtered to keep the hose from plugging. If you let it sit over night, the mixture will be saturated with the pepper oils.

When they lick the wet, ooopssssssss e daisey! It won't kill them, but hey they will wish they had a spanking insead!

Keep all foods and incentives from them, they won't have any reason to return.

Might try a motion light detector light to see if that would help repell some of the problems out of the neighborhood. If all fails, a good ole 32 works real well.

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