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Metal garden shed?

I am thinking of getting a metal shed as my old wooden one is rotten and mice are getting in. Want a fairly large one say 3 metres by 4 metres. Any idea roughly what I should expect to pay for one - the finished product, assembled on a concrete base? Also, would you recommend this - pros and cons please.

Metal garden shed?

Just bought a metal shed from Homebase (online) it's 8ft x 6ft so a little smaller than what u want but I paid around £200 for it, think they have some on offer at the mo.

I also paid around £70 for the concrete flags and sand for the base but this was from my local building merchant. (my dad put down the flags so that was free! and my husband constructed the shed which took nearly a whole day! he is a very competent DIY'er but the instructions may as well have been in another language!)

The end result is great, looks good and no maintenance but I would advise that it's difficult to build and needs a concrete base. Hope this helps :)
Reply:My Father -in-law had a big metal shed { big as a garage } but it got really windy one night, my car was parked on their driveway, awaiting repairs , part of the shed came over the gate %26amp; landed in my windscreen, I was not a happy bunny :(
Reply:Metal sheds wont last as long as a wodden shed that was built correctly. For smaller sheds, rubbermaid makes plastic sheds.
Reply:Metal Shed?

I made sheds for years and have to say that a metal shed is as damp as they get.

I would recommend a wooden shed, look for a strong one not a B %26amp; Q one - they are just for over night stays.

Have been told Saintfield is cheap for them and strong. You need at least a 6x4 otherwise if you have a lawn mower it will take a lot of your shed up. You dont need a concrete base just some skids (wooden planks)
Reply:Metal sheds are bad news, condensation, interior mould on storage items, rust, noise when raining and birds marching on the roof, difficultly when fitting shelves even a coat hanger....exremly cold in winter wood is best by far, it's your choice but be warned.
Reply:About $ 3,800 including hauling off the old shed. ( give or take $ 400)
Reply:Most major stores have sites that will give price and quote on assembly and delivery. Check Home depots site or just give them a call
Reply:About 2 years ago, I purchased a metal shed from a catalogue. In the pictures it looked sturdy enough( one of the two tone green types),however when it came flat packed, we tried to errect itbut none of the holes lined up. It then had to be sent back. 2nd one arrived, the roof didn't fit properly on top of the main base, sections were too short. The metal is very flimsy.The shed was 8ft x 6ft and cost £165.We sent it back in the end.

To cut a long story short. we gave up on metal sheds, and went for a new wooden one, we haven't looked back.

Its purely down to choice, amount of money available.
Reply:u didnt mention if some1 has 2 make the base? to just erect a shed on base thats there isnt much....they r noisy though rain on metal woohooo,hope its near a neighbour%26amp; if u want 2 hang anything inside u wont be banging any nails in the walls....wood looks much nicer %26amp; as long as u leave room (1 1/2-2ft) round he side u can treat every few yrs it would last 20+ easy i just paid £1,200 16x10ft shed with thicker floor %26amp; extra height so u dont bang ya head on the lights....that included erection...what will u be using it 4?
Reply:Metal ones are the way to go.I just got one they are great.

Reply:My Dad doesn't recommend metal ones!Wooden are best,sorry!
Reply:I have had a metal shed for a couple of years now (9x7)

it cost 500 Euro from Argos and I can honestly say it's been the biggest piece of S**T know to man!!

If a gale is blowing the rain will ingress up and along the roof panels and drip in ( I sealed them with Silicone! )

The same can be said for where the roof panels end towards the roof..( Sealed with Spray expanding foam! )

Heavy rain driving against the two front doors would go over the top ( Had to fit a large wooden pelmet with felt lining !)

I now have a draught free shed that only leaks a fraction but if the floor happens to get wet, say if I left the doors open for ten minutes then I am faced with condensation off the roof dripping down my neck for the next week!!

So in MY opinion stick to WOOD!

It is warmer! makes putting up shelves a doddle!

can easily be extended! it comes in six pieces which should take an hour to erect! a metal one comes in 600 pieces and will take a day to erect ( after you have re-drilled half the holes that don't feckin line up properly! )

Need I say more? all the best ...smiffy

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