Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Base for garden shed?

Can anybody tell how many cubic feet 7ftx7ft X 6" deep base is ,or how many bags of ballast %26amp; cement I would need(25kilo bags) The shed is actually 7ft x7ft so the base would probably be couple of inchs wider all round

Base for garden shed?
Make the base 8' x 8' then you have a 6 inch gap all the way round which is good for drainage in heavy rain. This will require 32 cubic feet.

You shouldn't need to mix cement into the base, as shed can usually sit on a loose hardcore (medium gravel) base. Unless it is going to have something very heavy inside (like a machine or a car or something). Speak to your DIY supplier for advice.
Reply:all depend on what type of ground you have!!!
Reply:the area 8x8 thats an extra 6" all round is 0.86 of a cube which relates to approx 1.5 tons if thats any help
Reply:If you go to a reputable builders merchant they will be able to do the calculations exactly for you.

However if you want to use ready-mix then a phone call to a company specialising in ready-mix will elicit the correct answer and price.

Good Luck
Reply:7' x 7' x .5' = 24.5 cubic feet...
Reply:You don't really need a base, just make sure the shed is off the ground by using bricks or 2'X2' slabs under the floor joists to allow for air circulation, put some damp proof material between the bricks and the joists to stop rising damp. this material can be got at all builders merchants, I have done it this way on a few sheds and it works, just make sure the bricks are level by using a spirit level and a long board. cement, sand and ballast is a waste of money and labour. A 7'x7' shed definitely doesn't need a base.
Reply:Have a look at the link below. It calculates the quantities of sand, cement etc with the sizes you put in.



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