Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If a teenage girl would be paintind the inside of a garden shed cabin what colors should she paint it?

If a teenage girl is painting the inside of her rustic cabin/garden shed in her parents back yard what colors should she go with? She has wood floors and wood walls. The door on the inside is a woodfinish.

The cabin has no bathroom inside. She will be sleeping inside on some summer nights. Since she has windows that are like shutters she will not see anything while inside at night. She wants to paint the inside of the door and shutters a different color than the walls. What colors do people recomend for the shutters and door?

While inside she plans to close the door and shutters. Her desk and cott and going to be looking at the door. What color should she paint the door?

I wnetioned white and she said white makes her feel depressed. She wants one color for the walls and another for the door and windows.

If a teenage girl would be paintind the inside of a garden shed cabin what colors should she paint it?
dark blue or black
Reply:Splatter her favorite colors on the wall.
Reply:I like pink and green because it will go good with the brown. Light pink and mint green.
Reply:Red And Green

I think.....wild pink(means dark pink ), or creemy pink will be gud for d inside walls. Or combination of wild pink n puppy love(an ivery based color) colors will be gud...means 1 wall with wild pink n another walls with puppy love color..!

( If u want to paint a combiantion of light n dark, always paint dark colors on d corner wall or small wall n light colors on d wall which is against to d windows..b'coz by d reflection of light colors, room is looking specious.)

Doors n windows r always looking gud with any brownish shade......!( dark, medium or light )

I hope d teenageg url will like my suggestions.....!!!

Reply:play around with the Sherwin Williams color visualizer to find something that you like. It is the best paint visualizer on the web, imho. I like how their color palette is laid out, I like that you can search by color family %26amp; color name, the "painted" rooms look the most realistic, and it suggests coordinating color schemes. You can literally spend hours:


Maybe she would like a deep blue-green for the walls, like "rocky river" (# 6215) and a light green like "acanthus" (# 0029) for the shutters %26amp; door.

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