Tuesday, November 17, 2009

As an artist I have a wooden shed at the bottom of my garden that has seen better days.?

I like the way it looks with rusty nails sticking out and theres an old bycycle wheel propped up at the side loads of bits and pieces around and It just looks picturesque. How can I stop hubby cleaning it up and destroying the ambiance.

As an artist I have a wooden shed at the bottom of my garden that has seen better days.?
If your shed makes you happy and you use it productively how very dare he even suggest pulling it down, you tell him that is an absolute violation worthy of divorce - outrageous!!
Reply:First off paint it (if you are that type of artist) in case hubby does the 'dirty' on you. Or I suppose you could take a photo and keep it on your PC.

Next take a photo of your hubby when he falls asleep on the sofa(give him a few drinks if necessary) make sure he looks a little dishevelled! Then show him the photo and say.

'I don't tidy you up when you look a bit tatty, so leave my shed alone!' lol

I'm sure you'll think of something to take his mind off your shed.
Reply:If you have the space and finances treat him to a lovely new shed of his own and put a big trellis with rambling roses over your treasure. .Alternatively grow a hop vine around it and buy him a copy of Making Beers Like those You Buy. Another book which is useful is Gordon Thorburn's Men And Sheds,

ISBN 1-8433-329-9 from newhollandpublishers.com
Reply:Wow, what an image! The old wood shed. Have a romantic encounter with him behind the wood shed and make memories that he might be able to grasp. Other than that talk to him about it and take some pictures of it, to preserve the image. Everything must go away!
Reply:slap a presevation order on it tell him the council has beed around and its a national treasure (btw you could charge for people to come and see it)

my daughter (an artist) had a mouldy loaf of bread that she was saving until her sister chucked it in the bin
Reply:Warm him you'll throw ut those blo ody awful old shoes he slops around in.
Reply:Tell him! Lol! Just tell him to leave you and your shed be.
Reply:hey why dont you turn it into an art studio!!!

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