Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Garden shed?

where can I get an 8x4 wooden shed, most places only do 8x6

Garden shed?
Look in Exchange and Mart - they have lots of ads for different sized sheds. xx
Reply:Have a look at www.argos.co.uk as they have loads of different sized sheds you can order %26amp; they'll deliver.
Reply:Sheds R Us
Reply:We found that our local high school woodshop class will build sheds to order for the fraction of the price of a store bought shed. The only hold up is finding a way to get the shed to your house after they have built it. There is a local towing company here who will move it on their flatbed for around $50.00. We had an 8' by 10' shed priced out at $700.00 from the school.
Reply:I"ve just made 8'x6' shed from reclaimed timber at a fraction of the cost of a new one (£53). I suggest you do the same.
Reply:I'm sure one of your local contractors would be happy to build you a custom shed.
Reply:Look in the local paper or yellow pages. There is probably a l;ocal manufacturer that will make to order and may even put it up for you.
Reply:shedstore are good
Reply:You will probably need to go to a joiner or somewhere where they can make one specially for you. It will probably cost more but that's how it is.
Reply:If you have a Walmart or Home Depot in your area they may have what you're looking for. If not, call your local hardware store and see what they say.
Reply:a garden centre that makes there own they will make it any size for you check the yellow pages for a list

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