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What would a female in her 20s think of a guy in his 20swith CP who had a garden shed to hang out in?

Currently I"m a guy in his mid 20s who is stuck living at home due to high rental prices. I have thought about building a small garden shed in my parents backyard to read and take naps in. The shed would have a skylight with no windows. The floors would be made of wood with a rug on the floor. Eventually if I enjoy the shed I would put a tv and computer inside.

If I became friends with a female or even my male friends would they think I"m nuts to bring them to my garden shed to hang out at night. Bringing friends into my parents house isn't fun. My parents are very nosy. I'm going to be living at home for at least antoher 2-3 years.

Some of my male friends think this is a silly idea?

My friends are judgemental. This would be a semi-studio apartment without a restroom inside.

I would paint the walls green.blue or aqua. The inside of the door would be sky blue,green or dark blue.

The door may not have a doornob. On the inside it may have just a latch like restroom stall

What would a female in her 20s think of a guy in his 20swith CP who had a garden shed to hang out in?
If you made it a comfortable then it would probably be o.k.

Make it look less like a shed on the inside and I can't see anyone caring.

If you're friends are that judgemental then they may not be the right friends for you. It's just a place to hang out not to sleep etc. Except for yourself.

I don't know how severe your cp, tourettes or add is but the doorknob would probably make it easier for you to open the door. You also need to consider how close the nearest bathroom is.

It sound good to me though you just need some lights, windows or a skylight
Reply:I would think that to be very odd. What female would want to hang out in a garden shed with no windows alone with a guy? That's kinda scary. No bathroom, no doorknob, no windows, etc. Sounds like serial killer to me!
Reply:Why not.Who cares if anyone else likes it,at least you will have a place you can go to escape the nosey parents for awhile.
Reply:Hanging out in the garden shed is fine when your are with your friends but you should find somewhere else to go when you are with female.
Reply:a lot of people turn a garage into a living space-so why not a shed...
Reply:it actually sounds kinda cool! i mean, u could like make it a big garden shed (with window AND a door otherwise, it would b a little scary for the girl) and maybe even have a bathroom! the only thing that matters is that you like it. dont worry about ur friends who are judgemental. at least ur tryin to hav ur independence from ur parents ( i totally understand how that is). maybe u could make it big enough to fit ur bed it it so it really would b like having ur own "apartment". i would recommend HGTV..it sounds stupid but they have some great shows on decor and how to build stuff.

so have fun with it and make it ur own :) good luck and good for u!
Reply:No, don't spend money just now. Save every penny and move out. Maybe a flat share. If you make yourself comfartable there, you'll be there for many years to come. And don't think your parents wont be nosing around your shed. If anything it will get even worse.
Reply:I would not invest a whole lot of money in this idea, and I would not plan on a woman staying the night there.

A woman needs a bathroom and she might not feel ok going into your house to use one in the middle of the night.

She also needs to feel safe - and I doubt many women would feel safe without a window because the fear that if anything happened to them, no one would think to check the garden shed that looked just like a garden shed. They might not fear you at all until they encounter the shed.

I'd say make it bare bones comfortable for yourself as a place to hang out during daylight hours. If you have friends who feel comfortable there - it is an added benefit, but I wouldn't plan on it.

Save your money as much as you can so you can get a real studio apartment.
Reply:A shed is a great idea for you to hang out in and get away from your parents- but I'm pretty sure women wouldn't be interested in being in it. Nor do I think they'll want to hang out with you at your parent's. Do you have a garage you can convert? Maybe a converted garage would be a better idea.
Reply:anytime you build something you need the county's approval (and there's a fee involved). Usually people build what is called an "in-law suite" which could mean one room, however you would need a window for ventilation and all the other things a small house would. Years ago an addition of one room to the house would cost $10,000 but the price has steadily gone up, and that is "not" the cost of an "in-law suite". Some people clean out the basement (put things into storage or into the attic) and that gives one the space to get away from the family. Occasionally people do the opposite and clean out the attic (depends on where you live and if you can climb those flimsy steps safely) and make one room and bath up there but you'd need good ventilation. Still other people convert the garage to a bedroom for some peace and relaxation to get away for a while. Think about those alternatives. They would be a lot easier than trying to take out a huge loan or a second mortgage on the present home. If (when) you become 18 and are on your own perhaps your disability funds will allow you to make rental payments to your family on that "garage apartment". You can place a bathroom in that garage apartment, and have a small frig. Other than that you can eat your meals with the rest of the family.

Having white (or brick if you have to) walls make it feel like there's more room and so that you won't get that closed in feeling you'd need to go with white. But, you could have sheets and pillows or even a rug of the color of your choice. Medium blue would be good, and a flat rug so that wheels would roll easily. If you could get that garage done up that would be great. Wood floors are super expensive these days and if you have a full rug you don't need wood floors. Sometimes throw rugs are dangerous (tripping), although you could have plywood under that rug. Remember not to put anything important on the floor (keep things on shelves, in plastic and a foot or so off the floor so you won't lose anything important.

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