Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Would it be safe to sleep in a garden shed/treehouse at night?

In my backyard I'm thinking about building buying a garden shed mini cabin to sleep in on some summer nights. The shed would be in the backyard. One concern I have is someone breaking in late at night while inside. The shed I'm looking at buying has wood floors, small windows and a wood panel door. The door is a solid woodfinish on the inside and outside. The door has a handle instead of a doornob. This means the only way to lock the door is with a padlock either on the outside or on the indside.

The shed/mini cabin has woodfinish walls inside. I would be concerned about someone breaking one of the windows at night to break in.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

This would just be a place to sleep maybe at the most once a week.

To make myself feel more comfortable I would want to paint the walls and paint the inside of the door colors that I enjoy.

I would put an airmatress on the floor an

I don't have a tree to put a treehouse on

Would it be safe to sleep in a garden shed/treehouse at night?
You should be more worried about someone breaking into your actual house while you're outside sleeping in a shed. And if the windows on the shed are small, what are they going to do, send the trained mokey after you?
Reply:why? do you regularly have people wandering your yard breaking into tool sheds?

put a deadbolt on the inside of the door, thieves dont break windows usually (too noisy),

put an outside floodlight over the door, with a switch inside.

put a baseball bat next to the door and sleep tight.

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