Sunday, November 15, 2009

Building a garden shed.?

I am putting up a garden shed in my garden. It is in flatpack form, ready to put together. I have concrete flags which i am going to put down 1st. I need to get it built a.s.a.p. The area where i'm putting the shed is grassed. Will i be able to just lay the flags without digging up the grass. (Theres not alot of soil, as the grass is just what has grown through the 'hardcore').

Building a garden shed.?
You need an extremely flat , well prepared surface otherwise your flags will sink into the grass and your shed will lean!

I know this becasue I made this mistake a few years ago and it cost me more than the shed did to have it put right.

Preperation of the ground is the most important thing.

I would get someone in to do it for me and I am not lazy, just not that strong!
Reply:I'm really proud of your delegating skills!

Glad you got the shed done with no hassle, good on you!

Thankyou for the ten points and for letting me know how it went. Report Abuse

Reply:Unfortuanly you need to put a sheet of water proofing down beforehand, otherwise the dame will make the base of the shed rot (if its mede of wood)
Reply:yeah you could... i would maybe put a couple of bags of sand or gravel first though to get everything level. if there was a stone sticking through it could split one of your flags...

otherwise you'l be fine.
Reply:so what is it you want to know!!??
Reply:You need to be perfectly level or your doors will never hang right.
Reply:I was a landscape gardener for nearly 40years and also in the shed business for start with you got to take the grass off and dig down about six ins then put in hardcore (scalp- ins) conpact that then use sharp sand and cement and lay your 2x2 slaps.If you lay on top of grass you will never get them level and if they are not level your shed will be all over the the place. your base must be level because if it is not you will have trouble with the door you will get a gap at the top and not at the bottom round the frame. The next thing is if you got a flat pack it means you bought it from a DIY shop and I will tell you some thing they are rubbish. Because what I think you bought is a very thin larch lap shed, once you put it up after a very short time the timber shrinks and later on when and if you take it down it will fall apart you get what you pay for. Good Luck.
Reply:Build a wood deck for the floor so it will be level and high enough off the ground to keep things dry.Use the stones for a side walk

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