Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Would it be safe to sleep in a garden shed/treehouse at night?

In my backyard I'm thinking about building buying a garden shed mini cabin to sleep in on some summer nights. The shed would be in the backyard. One concern I have is someone breaking in late at night while inside. The shed I'm looking at buying has wood floors, small windows and a wood panel door. The door is a solid woodfinish on the inside and outside. The door has a handle instead of a doornob. This means the only way to lock the door is with a padlock either on the outside or on the indside.

The shed/mini cabin has woodfinish walls inside. I would be concerned about someone breaking one of the windows at night to break in.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

This would just be a place to sleep maybe at the most once a week.

To make myself feel more comfortable I would want to paint the walls and paint the inside of the door colors that I enjoy.

I would put an airmatress on the floor an

Would it be safe to sleep in a garden shed/treehouse at night?
I don't know why you shouldn't do this if you want. Put a padlock on the inside, and leave the key in the lock so you don't have to look for it if you want to get out in the dark, or get a couple of big barrel bolt closers for the inside of the door. If you're worried about the window, get bars for it, thick plexiglass or that glass with wire inside it which is hard to break. If you can, get a skylight for the shed so you can see the sky at night, and/or a screened roof vent like they have for RVs that you can open would give you more of a feeling of being outdoors. Take a cellphone out there with you, and a good flashlight. Anyone breaking into a shed will not be expecting to find someone in it, so chances are they'd take off when they realized there was.
Reply:It depends on the area you live in. Do you think you should feel safe sleeping in a small shed? You could also install a real door handle with a lock. If the windows are small then how is someone going to fit through them? It's not about how we all might feel, it's about how you would feel. Only you can answer your own question.

I sleep out on the deck under the stars. No roof or tent above me. It's all about personal choice and feeling.
Reply:I'd be scared to lol just cause my house has been broken into while I was sleeping unless, I was with a couple people lol

plus I live in a city and its noisy cause traffic plus,I live down the street from a hospital .

Get an alarm system ?

if you live in a safe area like in the country or somthing I don't think i'd be scared as much.

But i'm not sure if theres racoons,squirles,foxes,dear,bears ect where you live !

deffenitly get a lock for it though

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