Sunday, November 15, 2009

Would a car fit in a 10x14 steel garden shed?

Nah, just get an 20ft ocean container from the port. A 40ft Ocean Container can fit 2 cars, you know. To get out of your car, you can pull down the back seat and get out through the boot/bonnet.

Would a car fit in a 10x14 steel garden shed?
If the car is smaller than 10x14, then yes
Reply:Maximum width on the highway is 8 feet. So the car is less than that. The length of my Duster is 14 feet. I don't think that car will fit, as I believe it is longer. If in doubt get a tape measure and find out unless you don't have the car yet.
Reply:If your car is less than 10 by 14. Good luck getting it through the doors, though.
Reply:no. it will do you no good..
Reply:I don't think so! A LTC is at least 20 ft. long, and if you drove the car in, could you get out the door (of the car??)
Reply:well, it depends on how big your vehicle is. Another thing i was thinking of, is how high is the shed? take that into consideration, too.
Reply:the width is more than enough, the length depends on what type pf vehicle it is.

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