Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What would a female in her 20s think of a guy in his 20s who had a garden shed to hang out in?

Currently I"m a guy in his mid 20s who is stuck living at home due to high rental prices. I have thought about building a small garden shed in my parents backyard to read and take naps in. The shed would have a skylight with no windows. The floors would be made of wood with a rug on the floor. Eventually if I enjoy the shed I would put a tv and computer inside.

If I became friends with a female or even my male friends would they think I"m nuts to bring them to my garden shed to hang out at night. Bringing friends into my parents house isn't fun. My parents are very nosy. I'm going to be living at home for at least antoher 2-3 years.

Some of my male friends think this is a silly idea?

What would a female in her 20s think of a guy in his 20s who had a garden shed to hang out in?
I should think that you are advanced if not simply impractical and but honing your skills for survival that will be sorely needed given the portent of our daily fare exhibited in the tv and internet media, reporting soaring fuels prices, off-the-charts food prices, plummeting incomes, booming housing foreclosures, scaling crime rates, blitzing rates of poor mental health, and people some 80% of which abhor their jobs.

Ay -- maybe you are just advanced and perceive of the shape of things to come. Maybe your 'radar' and 'sonar' are more finely tuned; and others radar or sonar have they none.

But above all, your mission has first to be to convince your parents...

As to your male friends -- baloney I say. Just what do they know? Have we not seen the homeless, the houseless found on the streets in every urban center of the Americas -- North, Central, or South?

Go now and abide your muses, but better that you repair to your quietude about your thoughts, lest you be thought a crazed man, which we have to know that you are not! [pardon the exclamation mark]
Reply:First impression (if I never met you before) I would think that's strange. But if they're your friends, then ... I guess... But if you're in your 20's, maybe you can find somewhere downtown, or a neat hangout, instead of a garden shed... that's what we in Cali call "ghetto"...
Reply:Id prefer to cope with the nosy parents lol

Id never take a girl back to a shed

A house is a deffo better choice :}

all parents are nosy anyway so your not alone lol.
Reply:It sounds like you're building a club house. Silly? I'm afraid so. Hopefully, your female friends will have somewhere you can go to relax.
Reply:I think they'll enjoy it. Girls like relaxing places, and a garden shed would be with the right decor.
Reply:Oh come on Man...Get Real. Grow up and move out (ha ha I haven't yet, tried but returned) or as Will Farrel's character in Wedding Crashers put it "MA! THE MEATLOAF! "
Reply:Summer will be here soon with the heat. Are you going to stay in the "hot" garden shed?
Reply:I wouldn't think it was strange, unless I never got to meet your parents. Then that might be odd.
Reply:You have been watching Dr WHO
Reply:i completely agree with your friends who think this is a silly idea
Reply:i'm a girl in her twenties and i think its cool - just make it a rad little sanctuary
Reply:So it'd be like a treehouse, or a backyard playhouse? What are you, 8?

Yeah, that'd be a definite signal for most girls to RUN!

Personally, I'd be scared you'd hack me to little pieces taking me to a place like that.

Seriously, you're in your mid 20's and you live with your parents? Come on dude, grow up! Get a place of your own! Don't give me that BS about high rent costs - I'm in my mid 20's, and I have to pay them, too. It's a matter of being lazy - if you aren't, you'll get a good enough job to support yourself. If you ARE, then you'll live with your parents and build a play-shed in your backyard for your friends to come over! LOL.

No respectable person (male or female) would be okay hanging out in a SHED!

Sorry to tell ya, but it's DEFINITELY a silly idea.


And in all actuality, if you have the money to put in a skylight, wood floors, and a TV/computer, you HAVE enough money to get a place of your own. Grow a pair, and move the heck out of your parents house - it's really sad.

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