Sunday, May 23, 2010

Waterproof sheeting for foundation of Metal shed?

We're getting a 12 x 10 metal shed and the steel foundation kit. Even though we're going to use water resistant ply for the floor, I understand that some sort of waterproof sheeting beneath the foundation is useful too if building on garden ground. Does anyone have any experience with this?

I would appreciate any sort of feedback about getting the shed as waterproof as possible as we'd like to store wood in there.

Waterproof sheeting for foundation of Metal shed?
You need a damp proof membrane
Reply:You definitely want a damp proof membrane under the floor, any moisture that permeates up from the ground needs to be kept out, on cold steel moisture condenses like mad! just a sheet of tough plastic sheeting will be ok. (builders merchants will advise) Be sure not to stand the shed on a flat base that exceeds the size of the shed, rainwater will likely find it's way into it. At the perimeter of the shed make sure it slopes away, all round, to avoid this. You have your reasons for choosing a metal shed, I would never choose one, can be nightmare for condensation.
Reply:I'm not sure what you mean by a steel foundation kit. It sounds to me that you should provide a concrete platform at least 100mm above the ground level - this should be a minimum thickness of 100mm and placed on well compacted ground. This should prevent most of the rising damp, but if you are worried buy some bituminous or sheet damp proof membrane [local builders merchant or DIY store] to put down before fixing your steel frame for the floor. It would be better still if you could ventilate the gap between the d.p.m. and the ply flooring.

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