Thursday, May 20, 2010

RE: back to my garden shed?

If I jack my shed up and put my shed on stilts (so it isnt sitting on the ground) could I tell the government its a Tree house, would this allow me and my friends to have some fun in my shed without the Parly-twats trying to spoil our fun?

Note: if your car is not touching the gound (ie, on a Dolly or ramps) then you dont need to pay Tax, so I`m guessing this would be the same for my Shed.

I`m not causing trouble I would just like to know my rights as a British citizen.

I love my Shed.

RE: back to my garden shed?
Reply:Ive always wanted a tree house, how big are the stilts you plan to use ? would you have to use a ladder ? I'm afraid of heights, can i come to your party ?
Reply:can i have an invite to your shed /tree house
Reply:I pay plenty of taxes on my car.
Reply:I don't think Dolly would like it if you parked your car on her.

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