Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stopping midew in a fridge in the shed?

i have a fridge in the garden wooden shed. how do i prevent mildew as the shed is not airtight? will the shed eventually breakdown if it is in cold enviroment ie. not room temp.

Stopping midew in a fridge in the shed?
I have one outside, keep baking soda in when in use if your seals are good around the door no problem with mildew if moisture can not get in, the unit will have to work harder during warm weather not cold. mine has lasted four years so far cold beer and snacks are great, good luck
Reply:Windex the refrigerator down. Windex has a ammonia in it,

on a surface such as refrigertor the ammonia stays and acts as a antifungal treatment.
Reply:try baking soda at least it would suck up the mildew odor
Reply:IIf the fridge is just being stored in shed, clean it thoroughly as someone mentioned.

Check a marine supply store for mildew cleaning %26amp; prevention products,

Mildew %26amp; cold will attack plastic door seals.

Marine supply should have something for that as well.
Reply:No the outside temp has no effect on how long a Fridge will last. The mildew problem is caused by a bad door gasket. It is allowing moisture into the Fridge. I would suggest replacing the gasket. You can buy one at an appliance parts store. They just push into place. This will also make the Fridge more efficient.
Reply:Mildew is caused by moisture and fungi. The shed could be left open so that moisture will not build up so badly. If kept dry, the mildew fungi cannot get a foothold

You can wipe it down with diluted Konsan Tripleaction 20, or

a similar disinfectant, such as Lysol. This will retard mildew

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