Sunday, May 23, 2010

How much should I Pay for selling my sheds.?

I am starting a shed business as part of my construction business. I have sheds that sell for $1,695 and cost me about $1000 (labor, overhead, expenses). How much should I give a garden center for having my shed on there property for sale.

1.) I could be there and they would not need to do anything except provide space for me and shed.

2.) They can sell a unit with there staff, I will not be there and I will pay them for each shed they sell.

Any info would be helpful.

How much should I Pay for selling my sheds.?
You could work rent out the space to show the shed or sheds and have the garden center take orders from the customers and pass it on to you. This way you don't need a lot of space thus saving you money(more profits for you). You can have one shed on display and maybe a board with a variety of styles customers can order. Make sure you include pictures this will attract customer. A lot of places only charge you rental fee for the space you occupy. Good luck.

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