Sunday, May 23, 2010

Painting my garden fences white or cream??? would this look too much??

also thinking about painting the shed cream or white too?

Painting my garden fences white or cream??? would this look too much??
It will only look too much if you have a large fence or if there is lots of white around your house. I think that small white fences look great, but they have to have plants near them to set them off. If they are just standing alone with grass or concrete they look ugly. The same goes for your shed. With selected planting, a white shed could look great. But not in the middle of a grass or concrete desert.
Reply:i think cream :)

ya know.. everyonez got white..

wouldnt ya like to be different


Reply:go 4 white white looks shiny n clean

but u wanna b unique go 4 cream

i prefer white

tis my suggestion
Reply:I don't think it would be to much. You'll have a fresh coat of paint and your property will be looking good.
Reply:Better Homes and Garden had a picture in one of their slide shows where cream was used for an outdoor room. It looked wonderful:

I think your idea of painting the trellis lavender would add to the beauty in your garden, also. I had seen another garden where the person had painted the walls around their garden area a bright blue. it was simply gorgeous and complemented all the flowers and plants in the area.

You could paint the shed cream and if one side faces the garden, decorate that side throwing in some lavender that matches the trellis. Or hang a piece of outdoor wall decor (just as examples you might consider: or

*~ Enjoy ~*
Reply:I would go with cream because it will hide dirt better then white but if you have the time to clean your fence and shed or do not care if they get dirty then I would go with white because it stands out better then cream.
Reply:Go for white. It is a nice and bright colour. I'm sure your garden, will look great, whatever colour you used.. well, it needs to be a nice fresh and bright colour. :-)
Reply:white looks better
Reply:cream is not as high maintenance
Reply:No ! That Wont Look Right If Your Gonna Paint Anythink Paint The Fence White! Nothing Else x
Reply:I have seen a garden fence painted in a dark blue and it looked absolutely stunning with lush green plants against, it was a show stopper

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