Thursday, May 20, 2010

How much rent should I charge my mother in law if she moves in with us?

she will be sleeping in the garden shed .Plus should i charge her extra if i put a roof on the shed??

How much rent should I charge my mother in law if she moves in with us?
I get £75 a week from each of the 10 illegal immigrants in my garden shed - they have a very tidy rota system for using the wooden pallets I have supplied for them to sleep on and the begging they do supplies the necessary income for them to pay me the rent - I do provide fresh water - when it rains there is a bucket under the hole in the roof (see I do provide a roof). On this basis you should charge at least £750 per week to your mother in law - if she can't pay up then ditch her and get in the illegals - more lucrative and they are also quiet - don't want anyone to know where they are!
Reply:Roof too, bloody hell, u should should be having her mow your lawn with her teeth for a roof plus pay all your bills, the cheek of it
Reply:Get the sum total of all the bills that she will be associated with like electricity, water, eating, and rent or mortgage. And divide it into three ways (I assume the us is just your husband and you). Everyone will have their share of the bills. If there aren't proper amenities in the shed like water(toilet and sink), heat, and electricity then you should not charge her for the roof.
Reply:She clearly hasn't got much money to leave you in her will, so there's no harm in charging her as much as you like. She could clean your gardening tools in lieu of rent.

Putting a roof on the shed might also earn you plenty of "bedroom gratitude" from your missus.
Reply:!!!!!!!!! OMG how evil can u be? u should be honest with her, it all depends on your and her situation, does she have enough money to pay the rent? can she afford to get roof on the shed? can u even afford to have her in the house? i personelly think u should talk it over with you mother-in-law.

+ I LIKE (bot's) ADVICE.
Reply:Obviously, you don't appreciate your wife that much to at least thank her MOM for giving birth to her. The best show of gesture would be is let her live there for free. I sure would like my mom to live w/ me for free since I lived w/ her for at least 18 YEARS (change my diapers, pack my lunch, take care of me when I was so sick to take care of myself, etc.) get the idea?. I would like the idea that my wife would do the same thing for me and my family also....I rest my case....
Reply:mate, i'd kill myself first!! lol

Stick her in the greenhouse instead, at least she will stay warm in summer!
Reply:You are so mean!

Let her sleep in the shed is bad.

I am wondering whether your wife approves of charging her mom rent. Another western culture shock!

Will you do the same with your mom?
Reply:as much as you can that will get her to move out faster.

and NO roof! come knew that, didn't you?
Reply:Er... I was wondering if the creatures in the shed have a say? Think of that 'ol spider who has lived there since The Cowboys won a SUper Bowl... Poor spider will be faced against an eviction order or even worse, extermination. Hard one!

I think a dinner on her, every now and then will do just fine.
Reply:No don't put a roof on.. the view of the stars at night has gota be worth a higher charge.

I would say a round 100 quid per week should do it but be fair with her and let her be able to reduce it by 50p every time she does one of your chores for you. you know! like painting your neighbours fence... all of your neighbours of course.

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