Thursday, May 20, 2010

We have just saw an animal in the garden?

We have just foung an hole under are shed. My little brother and his friend stuck some sort of pole up there. They just came in and said an animal which is black and a pinkish slimy looking tail ran out!!. What animal is this we have no attention of hurting the animal just curios!.

We have just saw an animal in the garden?
Could be a rat - how big was it?
Reply:Sounds like a mole.
Reply:A rat probably.
Reply:What Country do You live in? If the U.K. then what they saw was most likely to have been a mole.
Reply:sounds like a rat
Reply:A possum.
Reply:Could have been a mole, rat, or opposum. How big was it?
Reply:It's a mole.
Reply:a naked mole rat
Reply:omg i dont now but you must go and find out and see if hes hurt or stuck please
Reply:sounds like ratty to me. tell your bruv to be very careful - they are real nasty when cornered
Reply:sounds like a mole or a possum
Reply:How big was it. If it was the size of a small cat, then it was a possom. If it was smaller it was probably a rat or some other small rodent.

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