Sunday, May 23, 2010

Care to lend me a hand?

It is my dream to start a homestead after I finish high school and college. I don't know much about nature, construction, or buying property, though, so I have a lot of questions.

1. Does the state of Michigan still permit people to build log cabins with no electricity or indoor plumbing?

2. Where can I find a very good farming book? I know how to plant things, but I do not know when to plant them, or what plants go best together. I also don't know much about herbs.

3. What sort of things would I need to drill a well?

4. How much property might I need to build a cabin large enough to house one adult, who may possibly marry and have a child, yet still be old-fashioned? Plus an outhouse, a well, a vegetable and herb garden, a workshop/shed, some fruit trees, and maybe an old junker to get to town.

5. How much money would I need to build all of that?

6. How long would it take to do build all of that?

7. What sort of thing might I study in college to further aid my venture?

Care to lend me a hand?
WOW!! I wish you luck. About 40yrs ago it was possible to homestead, check with the BLM. You have to make a certain amount of improvements to the land you homestead each year. If you want it bad enough, you can do it-- it wont be easy, that's for sure! Keep your dream in mind and each day take steps that lead to your gaol, and you will meet with success....don't listen to the 'nay-sayers'. What do they know? They will never get off their couches to follow any dream! You go!! Good luck! BLM=Bureau of Land Management
Reply:As much as it is true, that even until now very often it is possible in the US to make dreams come true, you are dreaming dreams of yesterday!

The only place where you can have all what you mentioned is right there in your own dreams! And that is all what they ever will be, just dreams!
Reply:Your dream, while noble, is a bit pie in the sky. You may not like the life when you got there. Start with the farming, if your school has an FFA, join it. If you live in an urban area, go to your county extension office and learn about gardening. That would determine if you could feed yourself. That's a start. Construction could be learned in shop class or working in the summer for a contractor. You may want consider going into environmental studies and becoming a Park Ranger. You could get a lot of what you want and still have a pay check. Good luck.
Reply:Good luck, my friend. I hope you succeed.

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