Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do i need planning permission?

do i need planning permission for a 10ft x 10ft shed in my back garden?

Do i need planning permission?
No. Not if it's a standard height, i.e. about 5'10"-6'0" at the eaves of the roof.
Reply:In 99% not, but you local law could be crazy.

Best is to call building department in you town
Reply:no, provided its behind the front line of your house ( which this obviously is ) your fine coverng up to 40% of land within the chattles of the property.

However I have always send them a note for any outbuilding I've done just to make sure.

You best bet would be to pop down to your open surgery and ask. Most councils have an open morning where one of the planning officers ( the duty officer ) is avaialble for a chat without appointment. I use this to good effect to sound them out for applications. They are very willing to help. Give your council a call and ask them what day the "planning open surgery is so i can speak to the duty officer" Take along a lanf drawing ( perhaps frm your land registry ) and mark out where you are puttng the shed.
Reply:If you are in the UK then the answer is NO, its a normal size and does not constitute being a dwelling..
Reply:Ignore all other answers. In short there is no yes/no answer. The answer will depend on the height of the structure, its distance from the property, its relationship with the highway etc etc. The only way to be sure is to contact the Local Planning Authority. Alternatively visit
Reply:phone your local council

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