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"Garden Party Attire" means what type of attire?

I was invited to a Garden Party and the invitation asked for "Garden Party Attire". Does this mean casual attire? Does it mean floral dresses? Sun hats? Bring a garden tool? Have dirt manicure? Seriously, can anybody shed some light?

"Garden Party Attire" means what type of attire?
It means dress like you would go to church. A simple dress is required. Nothing extravagant. A floral dress is appropriate. However, a simple dress means a dress that is at or below the knee. Nothing shorter nor longer and with no sleeves. The length could also be asymmetric, like representing flower petals (an overlapping layer or short on one side longer on the other. The no sleeves rule does not mean strapless. You'll want either a scoop neck, square neck or boat neck (also called bateau). As long as you have the correct neckline, length of dress and either a solid color or floral dress, you will look appropriate. Get a hat to go with the dress and maybe a bolero jacket or button jacket that goes with the dress. Not a coat jacket but, a dress jacket. As far as hats just ask a store clerk for a garden hat and tell the clerk what color you need your garden hat to be. Better yet, just go to a store and tell a store clerk or floor walker that you were invited to a garden party and need help in finding something to wear. Think spring colors, pastels and blues, purples and pinks or think florals.

P.S. Rent the movie "What a Girl Wants." Amanda Bynes plays the main character and she is invited to at least one "Garden Party" in the movie. Observe how people are dressed in the "Garden Party" scene.
Reply:This answer may have been the most thorough, but it was also inaccurate. The length of dress is optional and is usually not long. And the suggestion that the hem should be asymmetrical - are you kidding me? You are not to dress so that you look like a flower. You are to simply to dress like a lady. Report Abuse

Reply:Casual dress. And a pretty sundress would do fine.
Reply:I would call the host to see what is anticipated.
Reply:Pretty and quite smart
Reply:sundresses, you think?

hats, maybe.

Call and ask.
Reply:Pretty dresses and hats.
Reply:Heaven only knows. Could be anything from cut off jeans to picture hats with organdy sun frocks. Call your host and ask for some examples.
Reply:This is all I could find...

Good luck!
Reply:What kind of neighbourhood is the party in? If the hosts have a beautiful garden or outside area, they are asking you to wear spring/summer dresses with large floppy hats to protect your face from the sun. I would suggest flat shoes as high heels tend to sink into the lawn/garden and are difficult to stand or walk in. As a hostess gift, bring something appropriate for the garden or for the season - outdoor plant, gardening gloves, packets of seeds, candles, etc
Reply:i would take that to mean casual but no jeans.
Reply:Wear a carnation over each boob, and a fig leaf below. Have fun.
Reply:I would think it means wearing a summer dress.
Reply:Garden Party attire is not casual. It means wear a dress. Generally, a dress worn to a garden party might have a floral pattern or be of a pastel color.

However, if you aren't sure what the host means, it is also very possible that the host is not sure what "Garden Party" attire means.

Why don't you ask her what *She* will be wearing? As a good host, she should share this info willingly.

PS Hats are optional! Only wear one if you are very comfortable with it. If you wear something you are unsure of, you will naturally appear unconfident. Wear what *you* will be most comfortable wearing.
Reply:Adam and Eve!!!! Naked! Toga! na spring time wear!

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