Thursday, May 20, 2010

DO you get Herons in your Garden in the UK?

I had one standing on my Shed roof today and it was MASSIVE! never seen one that close before!

DO you get Herons in your Garden in the UK?
Noticed one one standing on top of our greenhouse one morning last year. Beautiful when it flew away - it was sooooo big.
Reply:I have a small pond, and I have Heron's often trying to get young frogs in early summer.
Reply:I saw one once in my neighbours garden- nearly ate the next door neighbours entire coy carp collection- oops- as I was keeping an eye on them whilst they were away.
Reply:Yes and they are a protected species.
Reply:Yes. I used to get goldfish there too, but they seem to have moved on now.
Reply:a heron came and ate

all of our fish, but how fine

it looked flying off
Reply:My Mum did last year.
Reply:Nope, just spuggie's and starlings.:(
Reply:if you really want Herons spend about £800 on Khoi Carp and you will have them swooping down in no time.

its hugely expensive but my neighbours fish lasted a month.!!
Reply:I get them after the frogs in my pond,but the Crows usually drive them away.
Reply:Yep. Seen two out the back before at the same time. Loads of ponds around our area though so probably why.
Reply:my house is about 10 yards from the sea and i get them regular, but its no joke at daybreak when they start crying out or fighting with each other cos they think that they are territorial, this depends on where they are at the time!!!

also they dont like cats at daybreak and vice versa, both make a hell of a noise.

we also get cormorants and sandpipers and shitehawks (sorry, seagulls)
Reply:Yes, I do.
Reply:where I live Herons is a shop selling frozen food. I obviously ain't as posh as you are
Reply:When I lived in the UK we used to have two nesting pairs very close along the river Wye, they were a damned nuisance to us as we had a very large Pond full of varieties of carp, the herons used to swoop down and stab them, more often than not dropping them on the ground to die. And yes they are very big.
Reply:all I seem to get is pigeons

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