Thursday, May 20, 2010

I need an idea for siding on shed.?

Does anyone have any ideas for some kind of easy to install, inexpensive,yet attractive siding I could use on the outer chipboard walls of my garden shed?

I need an idea for siding on shed.?
What is the siding on your house? Vinyl siding is easy and relative inexpensive and will match aluminum and steel siding.

If you have wood siding, then the T-11 or other similar styles works well also.

It will mainly depend on if cost is more important than looks and ease of install. Sometimes inexpensive and attractive do not go together.

Another thing you should consider is durability - if you use something inexpensive that may need replaced in a shorter time then is it actually less expensive that a quality product?

I hope that this gives you some ideas to answer your question.
Reply:head to nearest home depot or lowes or menards and get some T-111 siding, comes in 4x8 sheets
Reply:Give the 10 to Michael. The only thing I'd add would be tyvek, or even 90 pound felt sandwiched between.

Steven Wolf
Reply:I used the prefab 4X8 sheets of siding for my shed. It takes paint well and is easy to install. The store may even cut it down for you.
Reply:In addition to T1-11 you can use shiplap siding, which is easy to install. You can add 1x3 battens to the T1-11 if your looking for a board and batten style. Which ever you choose consider the doors and window trim and the interface between them. you may need to remove the 1x trim and replace with 2x to get the reveal. Caulk the trim / siding interface before you paint. Good luck.

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