Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to remove loads of acorns!!!?

Moved into a new home this summer, starting a few weeks ago the acorns started falling, hundreds, maybe thousands of them!!! All over the lawn, the garden, bouncing off the metal shed, the house, people etc. What is the best way to remove them? Hard to rake or blow with a leaf blower.

How to remove loads of acorns!!!?
use a lawn sweeper, either elect or gas powered,
Reply:Round up some squirrels and let them lose. They might help pick up the acorns, or they may run away. Either way, make sure your rabies is up-to-date and maybe keep a rake on hand.
Reply:I feel your pain! I cut the grass about as short as my mower will get. I have a bagger and this gets probably 70% of them. Then a blower works much better on the rest. Don't worry about the grass , it is the time of year to cut it short anyway!

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