Sunday, May 23, 2010

Running Broadband from a second phone point - slower?

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I am about to hide myself away with the computer in an out building at our house (ok, its like a garden shed!). If I get a phone point put in (my supplier is BT, but know a man that can do it considerably cheaper than BT), will the broadband speed be the same as if it is being run from the main BT socket in the house, or will the speed drop. At the moment I am getting a respectable 5.6mb speed, and am used to this now, so would like to keep it the same ish. Have considered wireless, but the wireless connection in the house is erratic, ie playing BF2142 I keep getting loss of connection to master server through wireless, where as by ethernet the link is 100% solid.



Running Broadband from a second phone point - slower?
as long as the new phone line is homerunned (run back to the nid instead of daisy chained off another existing outlet) you shouldn't see any difference in speed.
Reply:Yes! How far away is the building? At 100 feet you would be better off to run a cat 5 cable to the barn (network cable.)
Reply:What I would do is get a DSL modem/router with more than one ethernet port (usually they have 4) and run a network cable out to your shed. I think that would work better than running the phone line.

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