Sunday, May 23, 2010

My cat has an obsession with killing birds?

My cat always kills birds and puts them in the shed and around the garden, any ideas on how to stop her?

My cat has an obsession with killing birds?
Cats are not truly domesticated, when they are outside they are often a wild animal, and this species of wild animal kills for food. So it is quite natural, I have known a cat that was excellent at killing mice, and it would lay them outside the back door to show the people it let share its home how clever it was. I had one that would bring birds and frogs into the kitchen (via cat flap) unfortunately the frogs were often alive.

If you want to stop your cat killing anything get a collar with a bell on it, but be warned the cat will not like a collar.
Reply:Get a dog!!!
Reply:She's hunting, like normal cats do. The only way to stop her effectively is to keep her inside. She's outside, birds are outside, there isn't too much you can do there.
Reply:cat that kills birds take it to a shrink i think it has a complex and thinks its a cat ....
Reply:if you can't handle predators, you really shouldn't have got a cat. they hunt. it's their most basic instinct. you may as well try %26amp; get it to stop breathing (not advocating stopping your cat's breath, i've 2 now %26amp; had many over my 35 yrs. so i'm no cat hating scum). a few points;

1. it has nothing to do with "dominance or territory". it's all about food.

2. collaring an outdoor cat is a terrible idea. they can get hung in tree branches or trapped by the neck running under things to get away from dogs. the dog tears your cat apart from the back end. you'd be kinder to wring your own cat's neck than collaring it if it goes outside.

3. can't handle cat's kills, rehome your cat with someone who knows what type of animal they are taking on %26amp; get a rabbit.
Reply:Put a collar with a bell on your cat
Reply:A cats nature unfortunately! You can get a 'soni' type collar from pet shops that scare birds away, they are better than bells apparently!
Reply:Buy her a collar with a bell on it which will alert the birds to her prescene and make them less suseptable to being caught.

Hope that helps
Reply:Cats do what Cats do and thats hunt alltough cats are domestic there first instinct is to hunt after all they are carnovoures , try a bell on its collar to scar the birds. I would ask your vet you may just have to keep it inside. Good Luck and I wouldnt buy any pet birds if I were you. James
Reply:cats kill things cause like their ancestors they think that it's their job don't try to stop him cause it's his nature but maybe everytime he does it say no (insert name here)..

goo luck
Reply:when you catch the cat in action disipline it

but only if you see it or it has been a few seconds

if it been a few hours after the incident the cat will not remember what it did wrong

NEVER hit the cat. when he does this say NO is a firm voice but not yelling. yelling scares the cat and my ruin your relationship with it.... next time it does that get a spray bottle and squirt it with water and say no

also maybe just dont let it out for a few days

cats are very stubborn and do whatever they want

but maybe what i said might work

humans dont really own cats... cats own humans (lol)
Reply:She's just doing what is natural. All domesticated animals have wild ancestors and thus passing the wild instincts on down the line. Some just have stonger hunting urges than others. Sorry nothing you can really do about it.
Reply:yeah sometimes if she's out in the yard, keep an eye out on her. Watch out for other small wild animals and scold her when you see her chasing after something. It's actually normal for cats to do this. It's a sign of dominence and territory. Also, if she gives them to you or puts them on the porch, she's thinking she's leaving a gift for you.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for small animals though! Your cat probably thinking that they're invading on her territory!!!
Reply:thats what cats do. where is your brain??
Reply:watch him and if he goes near a bird stop it
Reply:awwwww the cat must love you,these are offerings for you.erm... dont know how you can stop it tho,sorry xxx im sure someone here will know tho.
Reply:I heard that if a cat kills something and brings it to you or puts it on the porch, that its his way of giving you a "gift".
Reply:Totally natural behaviour from any of the feline family. If it bothers you that much, get it a collar with bells to scare the birds.
Reply:You aint gonna stop the cat. It's a cat thing. If you don't like it move the shed.
Reply:my cat does that too. we put a mirror thing on his collar and the birds probably saw him coming and flew away he hasnt caught a bird in ages. and a bell
Reply:put a bell on the cats collar that will scare the birds away
Reply:My cat did very much the same, until i brought three bells that i attached to his collar the noise from the bells as he approach them made them fly away before he could get near them.
Reply:thats wierd!
Reply:My cat did the same thing and I put a big bell on her collar then every time she tried to get a bird the bell would warn the birds that she was there!!

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