Thursday, May 20, 2010

What bird is it?

I live in the south west of England and I have a bird in my garden that I have never noticed before.

He looks a lot like a male sparrow, but his breast is very pale yelllow. He was feeding on insects, taking them from the sides of the building, under the window sill and he even ventured underneath my garden shed. He also went onto the bird table and ate from a dish of seeds. What was he?

What bird is it?
Without a picture of the bird, it is not possible to give you a definitive answer. There are lots of websites that contain good photos and description of birds in your area. A Yahoo search for "birds of the united kingdom" (include the quotation marks in the Yahoo search box) yields 217 results. If you do the same search and are willing to spend a few minutes exploring, I'm sure you will quickly identify the bird you saw.

Good luck with your search for information.
Reply:I don't live in Great Britain so don't know. Could he be a warbler or perhaps a finch of some type? Since so many birds fit a short written description it may be best to look for a source with pics...maybe Audubon.

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