Thursday, May 20, 2010

Y i put it amy dad has a large tool shed in our garden, a toad has retured to the same spot in it 4 times nnow

usally i put it at the end of the garden but i was wondering is it okay it keep as a pet and what would it need

also the last time it came my brother put a sip of paint on its back so we no its the same one, but i just found that toads skin absores stuff will thhis have harmed the toad

(the paints gone now)

Y i put it amy dad has a large tool shed in our garden, a toad has retured to the same spot in it 4 times nnow
Leave the toad alone. It probably lives around there. And tell your brother to stop poisoning the toad with paint. Toads eat the insects in your Dad's garden. That's why he likes it there. They also dig tunnels in the dirt where they spend alot of time. The toad is doing your Dad a nice favor by eating the bugs that ruin plants in your Dad's garden.
Reply:Well, please don't do the painting on animals anymore... harmful or not...

I have had a toad as a pet, Gorge was his name... but it was a small one. i guess yoursw won't need much special cares... It can feed on its own... Yet, these animals cannot be exactly pets... see, you cannot hug it and expect it bring you a stick...

So, in my opinion, enjoy it as a living creature in your garden... just as birds and butterflies...

I have heard it brings good luck and fortune... ;-)
Reply:the flabby tode is so sweeet... i think

is it flabby we wonder...

is he called borris we wonder...

is... oh i give up
Reply:what does y i put it amy mean?

If you put paint on it and its gone how is this the same toad leave the toad alone if your brother was cruel to put paint on it leave the animal alone its surviving ok without you or your brothers help
Reply:Toads are not good pets. Wild animals are meant to be wild. The paint could be toxic to the toad.
Reply:the paint probably scraped off before it dried. So dont do it again. Leave well alone. He doesnt need you looking after him, he can fend for himself.
Reply:first off learn how to spell ,, instead of being on the computer when out of school,, try hitting the books more often, then you can spell what you are saying better
Reply:Just leave it alone, I'm sure it knows where to look for food by itself.

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