Sunday, May 23, 2010

I welcomed a garden gnome to my back yard this year and he's going a great job, sitting there with his pipe.

What is the protocol for winter? Would he prefer that I just leave him in the snow-covered garden? Would he like to spend the winter in the house? Surely he wouldn't enjoy being in the shed all winter?

Please help, I want to treat him fairly.

I welcomed a garden gnome to my back yard this year and he's going a great job, sitting there with his pipe.
I think that he would prefer being left outside. this way he could appreciate the beauties of winter. the sparkling snow, the drifts on trees, and he could talk to the snow faeries as well, and catch up on what's happening
Reply:gnomes are only good for grilling..nothing beats a day out with the family kicking back a few cold ones an grilling gnomes....mmm mmm mmm....
Reply:Good point. Name him Antione and sleep with him.
Reply:leave him outside. If you don't want him to be snowed on, make him a little roof above the head.
Reply:He should be fine. I believe gnomes are all-weather beings. He's wearing a coat right?
Reply:Please get him out of the shed, make him a garden in the house, and I am sure he would love it.

Whats wrong with you leaving a gnome ,and his pipe, in the shed?.
Reply:Gnomes enjoy all four seasons. Give him an old scarf or something for the winter if you're really worried. I wouldn't start a fire as you may melt him..

The main question is. Is your gnome single? Put in a good word for me.. ;)

Reply:take a picture so i can see
Reply:I heard Travelocity is hiring
Reply:There is nothing finer then a garden gnome with character and seasons withered into his body. I would keep the proud gnome out all winter long so he can let the leaves blow on him, the snow bury him the ice form on him and the spring sun melt off of him.

Only then can he sit there smoking his pipe with the twinkle of wisdom in his eyes and character in his heart.

That or just wrap him up in a piece of tarp and twine and throw him up on the shelf in the garage .

If you go with plan B then he will only be an ornament and not a part of your world in which you live in.
Reply:I think he may prefer to remain in the garden area, with a small fire and plenty of marshmallows....

Also, I had a funny thought, that instead of chain letters, one could send a gnome to random people in warmer climates, having him reach back to you in time for the good weather!!
Reply:You should let him travel the world, being another roaming gnome, and send you great deals via travelocity.

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