Thursday, May 20, 2010

Did you let anyone play with?

your conkers at school

or did you only play with them yourself

i soaked mine in vinegar and baked them in

the oven until they were rock hard

then i lodged them in a woodworking vice and slowly drilled a hole right through the middle of my conkers

with a hand drilll ,threaded some string through the hole

and them strung them up in the garden shed for a week

ahhh good ol days.

Did you let anyone play with?
i hollowed mine out and filled it with car repair fibreglass lol
Reply:Yep. The simple pleasures are the best.
Reply:why didn't you set them on fire as well? oh, my bad, you put em in the oven, okay, sorry!
Reply:Clever idea about the woodwork vice!!!
Reply:apparently conkers is a dangerous game and cannot be played without the correct eye protection!!
Reply:It must have been you that damaged my knuckles
Reply:I didn't grow up here. We didn't have conkers where I grew up. What the hell are they?
Reply:Yes back when I was in school in Rural Louisiana more than 55 years ago I not only played with my conkers I even let the other kids play with them and they let me play with their conkers.

But what was really great was getting a whole bunch of conkers and giving them to my grandmother who added some karo syrup and brown sugar and made the most delicious conker pie. I do remember it tasted a lot like Southern Pecan Pie . Any way them damn yankee snow birds loved it.

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