Thursday, May 20, 2010

How can i get paving stones in my garden?

i want some hard ground so i bounce a basketball and i have decided to use paving stones since i have some in my shed but how would i go about putting them in it will probily be done by me 12 years my dad and my brother 16 years old but do i need to do ?? plz tell me to get 10 points thanks .

How can i get paving stones in my garden?
Um! you could try asking your dad
Reply:To do it properly, you lay down a bed of gravel. About four inches thick. Dig down in the ground about 5" to put this gravel. The put about 1" of sand on top and smoth it out flat to lay your pavers on so they will be flat. The leveling of the sand is the most critical part so your walk way will be flat and even. Then put paver edging around this walkway so it will stay put. Last spread some sand on top and use a broom to sweep it into all the cracks and joints. Good luck
Reply:Go to your local garden store and they will either show you or tell you how to accomplish this task. We have Lowe's and Home depot here and they would be of help to you.
Reply:get a nice hard base ie hard core or type 1!! or you can always use a drylean mix and put the slabs straight down onto it!!
Reply:Go to B%26amp;Q they will show you what to do.
Reply:visit your local library and read all about it
Reply:steal stones from a park and connect them and hot glue them together.

I'd do that.

no money wasted, just glue

nevermind I'm an idiot/

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