Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden ideas?

What are some good garden ideas for a front porch with pillars and around the mail box and an out door shed 9x12, any answers would be of great help being that I am a first time homeowner and all this is new to me.

Garden ideas?
where are you located? im you email me with more info, i will help you. how much sun, do you want containers or in the ground? how tall are the pillers
Reply:This may not be the answer you want, though I really got into water gardens. They are exciting and nice to look at year around. For about a hundred dollars you can get started with a small one from Wal-mart and grow bigger as time and money allows. Ihave a 5,000 gallon, a 250 gal, and a 100 gal one. Landscaping around them is a blast. Just let your mind go wild.
Reply:sounds like a wonderful place for climbing vines. But the 1st answer is crucial - where you are makes all the difference as to what will thrive. Look at what your neighbors have to get an idea of what works. When you're more comfortable with the whole gardening idea, find something unique that will make your yard special.
Reply:Go to

Request a catalog. There are some items that would be great for your outdoor and indoor decor.

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