Sunday, May 23, 2010

Help-Have lost the key to shed!-how do I get in?

Have lost the large brown rusty key(only one) to our shed and all toys,gardening stuff,tools are locked inside.Is there any safe way of picking the lock,or should we try to unscrew the hinges and take it off that way.Anyone have any ideas?

Help-Have lost the key to shed!-how do I get in?
Don't you keep a spare in that safe place?

Break in %26amp; change the lock.
Reply:Just so you know, last time I called a locksmith it cost me £50!!!! I hope someone can tell you another way.
Reply:Ask a Scouser
Reply:Three thoughts. One, is there a window you can jimmy and climb through? Even then, that will only work if the lock is releasable from the inside. Same goes for digging a tunnel (if it's set on dirt only) and having someone pop up inside.

Two, yup, unscrew the hinges.

And three, if all else fails, it's locksmith time.

Not too many choices, really, if you still want the shed around. I suppose you could always use a saw and make a new door, but the locksmith is probably the sane way to go.
Reply:hacksaw or boult cutters
Reply:Smash the window (if it has one). Either that or get a locksmith.
Reply:Call a locksmith.
Reply:Take a trip to australia and dig upwards - or hacksaw through the lock or lock fitting. The fitting will be softer steal. Then you can replace it with a new fitting and a lock with a spare key.
Reply:Normally the locks on sheds are not that strong, if you take a thin punch or socket extension place it in the door against the lock and give it a hard hit with a hammer. This will break the lock off the back of the door.
Reply:Now, I happen to know for a fact that you can find out how to pick a lock by typing that into Google.

step by step instructions for picking all types of locks are there!
Reply:if its a padlock just take a hammer a smash it ,it will break.

if the hinges are on the outside then u can unscrew them that will work too,depending on what type of door knob you have you may be able to get a butter knife in throw the side trim of the door and just press the catch for the door it while u pull out on the door. do you have any windows in your shed check o see if there unlocked. good luck
Reply:Try all the ways you can think of without breaking it... then break it if you still can't get in. I'd unscrew the hinges them once to door is off replace the lock.
Reply:i think if I was you I would probably break the glass ( if it have one ) and take the things out then replace it and make a new key of it. or you can do the same thing to the door.

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