Sunday, May 23, 2010

What is the best way to rejuvenate your lawn?

Ours has lots of muddy patches and moss etc. When we moved in it was lush! But....we put up a new shed and did lots of work in the garden. It did damage some of the lawn. My partner has today, laid down some weed killer and grass treatment. Nxt week he is putting down new lawn seed. Is this the best way? and can anyone suggest a technique?

What is the best way to rejuvenate your lawn?
If you used weed killer you will not be able to seed next week. Wait a minimum of 2 weeks. The weed killer will also kill emerging grass.

After waiting till and level the areas that need spot seeding, seed with a good quality seed for your area, cover with seed cover. Water lightly several times a day. Don't let the soil dry out till new grass emerges. Cut back to light watering once a day for a while. Don't mow for a month.. Then adjust your mower to highest position for a few weeks. Then mow to 2 1/2 to 3"
Reply:Here's what u do. (From a Master Gardener)....First, rake up the area of your lawn you want to reseed. Rake it really hard. Then mow over the raked up material and put it aside. Then, buy a good sun/shade grass seed mix and spread it on the area. Water it in...Then use the material you put aside earlier and place about a 2 inch layer of the raked/mowed material over the grass seed. Keep it watered (at least twice a day). It's very important to keep it moist. After the grass starts to grow, let it get about 5-6 inches tall before mowing. Good Luck.....(also, be careful using weed killer and grass treatment together)
Reply:If you have moss, you need to apply lime. You will need copious amounts of lime. I once dumped whole bags against my house partly experiment, partly to dispose of them as they had gotten too clumpy to spread (I left them out in the rain). Before the lime had completely dissolved, grass was growing there and that area had the lushest grass of all.
Reply:i would have not put anything down like weed killer ect.

let soil dry rake in some starter fertilizer %26amp;grass seed cover with straw it takes 2 seansons to establish nice lawn wait until grass is well establashed be for you use any chemicals

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