Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to right a wrong?

Researching my ancestors I find a serious injustice. A member of my family Prof. Barbary, actually invented Dynamite but blew himself up as he did so. He had befriended the struggling scientist Alfred Nobel who found the formula in the tattered remains of Barbary's white coat. Prof. Barbary also invented indoor fiireworks which is why his wife threw him out. An amzing piece of luck for her and the kids for it was in the garden shed that the accident occured. .

How to right a wrong?

In fact Nobel blew Barbary up for having an affair with his wife.
Reply:Nice story, but can you prove it? Solid evidence (such as his hand written formula on a dateable letter; or better yet, one of his original explosives) is whats needed to change the history books.

Untill then, its just so many empty words.
Reply:It doesn't matter who invented it. All that matters is who got the patent. You have no case.

Reply:What about Swan's decendents?...Edison took the credit for the lightbulb (as did Bell for the telephone)...Too late now water under the bridge.
Reply:Dont bother, the past is the past, concentrate on your future.
Reply:Carry on researching Prof. Barbary's life and works until you have enough to write a feature article, then try to get it published in one of the Sunday papers, it's the sort of story they tend to love. If you manage to gather a LOT of information, you could even write a book on him, and try to get that published.

Be careful though, the Nobel Commitee is a powerful body, so be sure not to upset them too much.
Reply:This sort of thing happens all the time. Christopher Columbus actually discovered America, but he did not name it. I believe he thought it India, therefore he named Native Americans Indians. It was another that got the credit for discovering it and named it after himself. I believe his name was Americus.

Just be proud that you know the real person responsible.
Reply:Right a wrong, but two tons of Grinning Monkey Brand fireworks today!

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