Sunday, May 23, 2010

My neighbours son is a delinquent. Is it all right to shoot him?

I can see my neighbours son out in the back garden. He is urinating against the shed. Yesterday he damaged the fence, and I have seen him spraying racist slogans on a wall. Iwent to complain to his father who swore at me and became aggressive. However, I have a shotgun and I think I can probably get the son from the bathroom window. I feel I owe it to humanity to destroy the brute before he does any more damage. But I am worried about geting caught.

Should I shoot the youth to save humanity?

My neighbours son is a delinquent. Is it all right to shoot him?
Hope ur not serious cos Ive just had a right giggle, ur question really cheered me up, thanks
Reply:Heil Hitler.
Reply:If you shoot him through the bathroom window you'll definitely be caught. Try to have hin neutered. Perhaps that will help.
Reply:Don't shoot him! We had the same problem, we formed an informal neighbourhood watch thing with the other people in our street that couldn't stand it. We continuously campaigned to anyone that could do anything until they were moved, the children ended up living with their grandparents and are really happy now. We didn't enjoy it but we couldn't live with it any longer. Alternatively shoot the parents.
Reply:hang and shoot him
Reply:Nope U don't have the right 2 shoot him call the police they'll deal with the problem
Reply:Shooting someone is worst than everything that he's been doing. Think about it! You'll automatically become worse than him for shooting him. Plus, you don't have the right to decide if someone should live or die, unless it's you (suicide). Sell the gun and buy some classic books.
Reply:What goes around comes around. Would you want your kid shot by some crazy neighbor?
Reply:Hell yes! do it now before you change your mind! the little sob is begging for it! bury him out in a woods, but make sure no one can see you, remember, no body, no crime! =]
Reply:Of course you should shoot him, but don't stop there that's selfish.

Find out which other delinquents are upsetting your neighbours and shoot them too.

When you've shot all of them widen your net and find other reasons to shoot people, the reasons will be endless and if you keep shooting long enough you will have total peace and quiet because you will be the only person left on the planet.

Happy hunting.
Reply:No way!let justice handle this!......or God....don't worry people like your neighbor get their punishment....just call the police.
Reply:no report them to the cops
Reply:If I were you I would record him when he is doing something wrong. Take it to his father so he could see, you were not lying. After that go to the police and press charges against him. If he is destroying your property, well he has to pay.. But by you shooting him it's only gonna make it worst. You will be the delinquent and is it worth going to jail for. I really don't think so!!! Good luck to you....
Reply:Rather than shed blood- shed light. Take video or still pics of this kid doing things. Then call the cops and show them. Let them handle talking to the father. Won't HE be surprised!

Have a great day!!!
Reply:Call the police they'll come investigate and look at the slogans. Get a restraining order against the son. Violence does not solve anything.
Reply:I assume you're joking but if not do you really want to spend years in jail because of this. It would be first degree murder. Why don't you call the police and let them deal with it.
Reply:I'm with Stormy Knight, shoot video of the kid and turn it in to the police. And as much as I sympathize, please don't shoot the kid. If the dad doesn't kill you you'd end up in jail anyway.
Reply:Go out and buy or steal an unregistered handgun. Wipe your fingerprints off of it when you get home. Next time the yoyo is peeing on your shed call out to him from your open doorway, "Hey want some free crack?". He will come running. You should back away from the door to the far side of your kitchen. When he comes running through the open door shoot him in the head once. DON'T MISS! Put the handgun into his hand making sure to get his prints all over it. Call the police and tell them he came storming in your door with a gun, threated to kill you and luckily you had just finished cleaning and loading your gun. Lucky for you, not for him.
Reply:shoot the boy in the foot to save your insanity.. but make sure you got a good alibi...
Reply:If you open the shotgun cartridge and pour candle wax into the casing, it will hold a lot of the shot together and will be more accurate. But will you get away with it?
Reply:cant answer that on grounds i might incriminate myself, but glad i dont live with/near you
Reply:Do not destroy your life just because of some bad neighbours, let the police do its job.
Reply:don't shoot him, you will live with it on your conscience, and his father willl probably hunt you down, regardless of the consequences

the easiest thing to do woulld be to call the police, they will look into it
Reply:If you use a shotgun you will probably get caught especially if you shoot him from your own yard. You need a good plan to get rid of them and get away with it. Maybe you could gas them or something like that. Easier to get away with. Good Luck. Yes, you must do whatever it takes to save humanity. We need more like you.
Reply:Ahhh. Would that life were so simple.

What joyous images this question conjures. Of society where once more the youth knew their place, and were afraid of consequences.
Reply:Shooting is a heinous crime. You could seek assistance from area police if you let them know your difficulties.
Reply:That might be the funniest question I have read all day...I had a neighbor boy like that! I know your pain!
Reply:GROW UP and stop making up all of these ridiculous questions. Really lame boyo.
Reply:well depends...duh
Reply:Don't we all wish that would could have shot someone at some point or another? But unfortunately that's not exactly legal. If i were you i would EVERY TIME there is a problem call the cops that way they have a record of every complaint against this person. its not gonna happen the first time they come out but once they come out so many times eventually something will be done for a repeat offender!. Please don't take matters into your own hands. Furthermore its only ok to shoot someone in self defense only if ur life was threatened. Just call the authorities!

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