Thursday, May 20, 2010

I have just rescued out my garden a small bird and it has got a broken wing, how could i men it's wing?

As i was saying i have rescued a bird and it has a broken wing, i have put it in a barrel full of grass already and have put it in my shed, how could i nurse it's wing back to health because my cat has broken it. Any suggestions would be useful.

I have just rescued out my garden a small bird and it has got a broken wing, how could i men it's wing?
there is no way to mend the wing. take the thing to a vet they are trained to fix it. it's not a good idea to keep a bird in a barrel. vet asap please. if you had a broken bone would you go to an er doc or sit in a barrel. lol. best wishes.
Reply:First let me say this is not to be cruel, something I am particularly opposed to for humans and animals. I get upset if if see an animal bullying another. I am into weapons and seem to have a natural talent for them but do not hunt. Unless hungry or the animal is severely injured I would not put one down. Now to your problem. Wild birds are very difficult to raise in any forum unless by experts. A bird is a most excellent but very fragile creature. It certainlly would not have survived it's encounter with your cat or even if it had escaped the cat but had the broken wing. I have found help with animals(snakes, young birds, etc) by approaching a local pet store. These sometimes have contacts or can offer advice. A couple of unusuall animals were even sent to a nearby large zoo. In you case, if the bird decides to live, though it's wing is (healed), but with hollow bones this is questionable, it will always be disadvantaged if release into the wild, making it easier prey. I strongly suggest you chose some humane way to put the little creature to sleep.
Reply:Put in the bird in a warm, dark, quiet environment, do not feed it or give it water, and get it to a wildlife rehabilitator immediately. The bird needs its wing treated by a rehabber and vet team, and in addition to that the bird will need antibiotics because it was touched by a cat. If it doesn't get antibiotics within twenty-four hours, it will die of an infection.

Please find a wildlife rehabber as soon as you can! Check the internet and your local Yellow Pages to find a wildlife group near you. The bird urgently needs help. Good luck!
Reply:--if the cat scrateh the bird, it is a dead bird. infected, cat bacterial, all that. but anyway...

1) put the bird in a shoe box and cover it.

2) urgently contact any wildlife rehab places in your area.

3)go to, fidn your neerest center, and call them. they don't rescue birds probably but they will know all bird-related stuff and they will know where to take the bird.

4) if you CANNOT find anything in the 2 steps above, only then should you go here

and follow those instruction to bind a wing. please know if you do this, the bird will probably not heal right and will be your pet going forward. depending on what kind of bird it is, it may be illegal to own it, but i don't let that stop me when rescuing a bird.
Reply:Look for rescue groups in your area that help wild animals. In my area they have an organization called project wildlife, they have a facility that you can drop injured wild animals off at and they take care of them. It's free but they accept donations.
Reply:try and find a wildlife rehabber in your area. keep your cat indoors. you are the cause of this bird being injured.
Reply:You should take it to a vet

They always know what to do with those kinds of things.
Reply:you should kill any bird you find with a broken wing because if you dont it wont fly and a predator will come and eat him

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