Sunday, May 23, 2010

How can I get rid of Wood Chucks in my back yard?

The Wood Chucks are eating up my garden. And digging underneath my shed.

How can I get rid of Wood Chucks in my back yard?
Pellet gun set to low power. .177 caliber pump pistol

Crossman model 1377

sting them with 3 pumps or kill with 8 pumps.

Cost $69.00
Reply:just hire pest control
Reply:a good solution to rid any animal from an area is moth balls. they can't stand the smell !!!
Reply:We have the same problem, we are setting out rat traps, caught one. i know they are so cute, but they got in our garage and destroyed the insulation in the walls and ate our flowers. i guess I'm just mean.
Reply:You can end this problem permanently with an electric fence product, Mr. McGregor’s Fence®, that is child-safe, pet-safe, 100% effective, convenient, and trouble-free. It is also affordable, costing no more than several live traps or a few gallons of repellant. One big advantage of this system is its permanence. Other control measures (traps, guns, smoke bombs, etc.) are only used after a garden or other target area has taken damage, and more damage may be done before the offending creatures are removed. In contrast, Mr. McGregor’s Fence® is always there. It happily withstands the winter, and after a few leaves are raked away it is ready for the Spring–long before the garden has been planted, at a time when most of your friendly neighborhood veggie-munchers are still asleep.

Other advantages are convenience and safety. Easily installed, the system consists of a barrier fence placed behind two very low charged wires (the barrier fence is not electrified). When an animal encounters the barrier fence and tries to climb or burrow, it comes into good contact with the charged wires, gets zapped, and goes home. The wires are low enough (4 inches and 8 inches off the ground) so that you the gardener are unlikely to get zapped unless you decide to weed around the fence without first unplugging the charger. If you do get zapped you won’t want to touch the wire again, but you won’t be hurt–because the system’s K-9 charger was designed for small pets, and so it puts out a zap that is convincing but too weak to even harm a sparrow.

This way the lil critter can live!

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