Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hare preparation for cooking?

Just been given a hare, shot 1 hour ago. Am hanging it by back legs in a garden shed, hoping neighbouring cats won't break in. Do I gut it first as you would a rabbit or leave it hanging for a week, as I've been told, all intact ... what is best?

What recipes do you recommend?

Hare preparation for cooking?
Game is not paunched (disemboweled) but left intact to hang. Pheasants and other birds are hung from the head. Hares are hung from the feet. A little blood will seep from the mouth--some people cover the head with a paper bag--but most collects in the thorax and will be used for the sauce when the hare is jugged.

Link for jugged hare and hassenpfeffer below-
Reply:I would gut the rabbit 1st.

Has a ton of recipes for you.

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