Sunday, May 23, 2010

What do you suggest I should do for space...?

I need space to work in (restoring old keys and locks) and the gargage i have been using is no longer available. There is no space for a shed in my garden and i have already looked at renting a unit at a warehouse, any other suggestions? Thanks alot :)

What do you suggest I should do for space...?
If you live somewhere rural you could ask a local farmer. They often have empty space in old barns. Other than that try sharing a unit with someone else. Place an advert on gumtree without advertising your use.
Reply:If you have space within the house,oftimes such a pursuit can be housed in a cabinet something on the order of an old style desk or more modern"hobby center",which can be closed up when not in use.Of course this would depend on volume of materials and usage of smelly solvents etc.
Reply:Perhaps sharing,

Some other restoration shop.

Artist loft,key shops,foreign car restoration,metal restorations.

Check phone books for off the beaten path type artist

tin smiths,iron smiths,machine restoration.

Check with your historical society, locale chamber of commerce

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