Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dog chews garden hose?

Has anyone got any advice on how we can stop our 2 year old Kelpie from chewing our garden hoses into pieces.

The hose connects to the shed evaporative cooler, and shed sink, and it's annoying if it has to be disconnected all the time.

Any ideas?

Dog chews garden hose?
Dogs just love to chew lol once they have chewed an item once and not been stopped or not caught in time then he wont see it as wrong.

Timing is everything, catch him just as he is about to chew it, replace it with something he is allowed to chew and praise him for taking it and chewing it. Toys get confused with chews OK, toys are meant for playing with, throwing and tugging at, very few are meant to be chewed. Get the dog some rawhide chews or a proper dog chew. They love to chew sometimes as a security blanket like a baby likes a dummy.The dog needs to be taught what is acceptable to chew and what isn't.

If the replacing doesn't work then just as he is about to chew the hose pipe a short sharp spray of water on the back of the head works. It momentarily breaks his concentration from what he is doing.(this is meant to startle him, not hurt him),When he looks at you to see why you did that, do not acknowledge him, you want him to think that it came from something in the environment and not you, this way when you are not there he wont do it. Once he has stopped chewing (after the water) give him something he is allowed to chew and praise him again for taking it.
Reply:Hi Yes, my display picture is my Dog, he is a gem, he is 8 months old and adorable. If you need any more help just e mail me.x Report Abuse

Reply:your dog probably feels frustrated or bored. taking the time to train him will help the situation. this link is a good and cheap way to learn how to train your dog:

Reply:I have a crazy dog that defies being trained and if I leave the garden hose out anywhere near her, she will chew it up. I keep her on a runner outside so that I can control her. She is destructive and if she gets loose will not come home for days and my neighbors are tired of it as am I. Now that she is getting old, but still full of many, many tricks, I bring her inside much more so that she is comfortable. I have put a runner from my side door out to part of an old fence I left up just for her and the runner so that she is never loose but has plenty of room to get some exercise, fresh air and I don't have to walk her. I cannot let her lose. She also tries to eat one of my other female dogs on a regular basis but not the other. She will not be trained and I have spend a great deal of time on her. She obeys all the usual commands as long as she is not loose outside but the minute she is annoyed with me, will go pea on my bed. All I can do is control where she goes as I suggest to you. Put up a decorative fence or put her on a runner. Darn, don't you just want to strangle them and then I have to laugh. How can anyone say dogs are stupid when she is just so cunning. But she will never get in my bedroom again. . .
Reply:The texture of the hose may feel good on his teeth. Perhaps finding a chew toy with the same texture or hardness would help. If he is getting plenty of water, then most likely it is from boredom and toys and training should solve the problem.
Reply:Get a puzzle toy and some training treats to put in it, and show your dog how to play with it (they usually come with instructions on how to do this). It really helps with the boredom! The other option would be to put up a gate, or a large kennel to keep him or her away from the hose when you are not there to stop him or her from chewing it up. Don't use a tie-out! Good Luck!
Reply:is he getting enough water?.otherwise spray it with bitters(anti-chew spray)
Reply:Any pet supply store has products you can spray on things to keep dogs from chewing them. Also, try some Kongs, pigs ears, basically any chewy things. Having said that, I owned one dog though who I couldn't get to stop chewing up things. In his lifetime, he ate 4 pairs of my dads shoes, 1 pair of my dads work boots, a pair of hip waders, a rubber floor mat, numerous light bulbs, countless electrical cords (which were plugged in at the time), etc. I could go on and on. And I was never able to stop him either. Good luck.
Reply:I have to agree with Columbo. "Water therapy" works well for us when all else fails :)

We've had a kelpie cross and it was REALLY active and destructive. Because they are bred for working they need plenty to do or they get bored and make their own fun.

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