Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tips for planting a garden this spring...?

Im looking to plant a garden this coming spring and need some pointers from experienced gardners. Im thinking about planting a small plot behind my shed [against the back wall] (northern side). I figured it should get enough sun this way instead of being on the east or west side of the shed. I want to plant tomatoes, peppers, herbs, cucumbers, and maybe some peas. Since i figure that the plants that are closer to the shed will get more shade, any advice for what order to plant them? Or should I just consider moving the plot away from it and keeping it out in the open?

Tips for planting a garden this spring...?
First off, if this is your first run - stay small. A large garden may discourage you. Buy a few plants instead of seed packs. That way you won't be tempted to overplant.

For your site, just try to move it far enough out for at least 6 hours of sun. Avoid a west exposure if you can. That hot afternoon setting sun can hurt your plants. And remember, you'll get less shading as we proceed into the Summer months. Below are small space, shade tolerant varieties.


Vegetables Req. Sun Req.

Spinach Small Some Shade

Spinach (seeds) Small Some Shade

Lettuce Small Some Shade

Parsley Small Some Shade

Asparagus Small Some Shade

Carrot Small Some Shade

Radish Small Some Shade

Cabbage (seeds) Small Some Shade

Chard, Swis Small Some Shade

Beets Small Some Shade

Turnip, roots Small Some Shade

Cabbage (plants) Small Some Shade

Brussels Sprouts (plants) Small Some Shade

Cilantro Small Some Shade

Parsley Small Some Shade

Turnip, greens Small Some Shade

Kale Small Some Shade

Kohlrabi Small Some Shade

Celery (plants) Small Some Shade
Reply:you want to give yourself enough room,if you plant to close everything will blend together and it will be a mess,tomato plants need a good foot between them,they get pretty big and you want to either put a cage around them or a stick for them to grow up,peppers are easy about 6 in. apart,i would make a separate herb garden,some of them get pretty big and need room,also some are perennials while others you have to plant every year,so i think its best to give them their own spot,cucumbers spread on the ground so they also need room,and peas climb so you would need some sort of fence to climb up.good luck
Reply:I would move them away from the shead a little if you can. Tomaotes need the most sun and cucumber vines are huge, so I would keep them a row or two apart if I were you.
Reply:Tomatoes and peppers need lots of sun...several hours a day. You can get a variety of cucumbers that doesn't vine. Peas should go in first, they are cold tolerant; also after they are done, you can remove them and plant something else...
Reply:Id keep it out on the open, and your cucks should be planted on a hill,

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