Sunday, May 23, 2010

Was there a shed in the Garden of Eden ?

Yes, and garden gnomes, and a big bouncy castle.

Was there a shed in the Garden of Eden ?
Obviously... where else would adam have kept his porn mags
Reply:lol, you mean the one keeping the apples? yes, there must have been more than one to provoke all this:)
Reply:yes where god kept the tools, or was it adam.

i never did pay much attention to bible studies.
Reply:yep, that's where God kept his gardening tools.
Reply:yes the bike shed
Reply:Yes, and it was the biggest bestest shed the world had ever seen. Everyman could go there and do the most blokiest of things involving power tools. But then that Eve woman went and ruined it for us all!!
Reply:No i don,t think that there
Reply:Yes, it's where god kept all his porn and it's what adam and eve found.

It was changed to the apple and the snake to make it more appropriate.
Reply:Sure...they needed some place to park the John Deere riding lawn mower.
Reply:ahaha very smart thinking there.....

i have no idea but i think there might have been one u knoe to keep it lookin good
Reply:Of course, Bill and Ben and the little weed lived there, with Andy Pandy and Teddy, it was a bit crowded!
Reply:Never was.
Reply:That i don't know, but were did the woman come from for cane and able ? , it certainly puts a funny light on eve and family values, or did they lose a rib each ? were did the serpents get his /her knowledge of evil as there had not been any yet , as for fruit trees that in history is recent more over were is the time frame for this happening, can not be in the beginning ? as the animals were here long before we showed up or was one day ,a couple of million years between
Reply:George, I don't think so?
Reply:A shed for what?
Reply:What for. They hadn't invented lawn mowers then.
Reply:Gee george I dont think any one can remember that long ago
Reply:Yes, Homebase and they got 10% of at the weekend.
Reply:yeah cos it was behind the shed where the whole of mankind began ! lol wink wink !
Reply:Behind the house to the left of the apple tree
Reply:Yes - Poor old Adam had to have somewhere to hide frm nagging Eve
Reply:Didn't need one mate , they hadn't invented lawnmowers then !!
Reply:how would you know if i was lying?
Reply:No, Adam had only one tool, and he kept it under a fig leaf.
Reply:Good question, Maybe it was next to the patio and BBQ area.
Reply:of course adam had a shed where did he keep his mower ?
Reply:Sheds are for tools (like rakes %26amp; lawnmowers.) They had no tools then, so they had no use for one. So your answer is no.
Reply:there must have been for adam to escape from eve from time to time

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