Thursday, May 20, 2010

A BIRDS NEST IN YOUR GARDEN.Who has one now?How wonderful it is to see our feathered friends about to bring?

more of their ilk into the world.I have Blackbirds nesting in the potting shed,what stories have you.

A BIRDS NEST IN YOUR GARDEN.Who has one now?How wonderful it is to see our feathered friends about to bring?
Always have the Mockingbird nests...many many...and then the little ones attempting to fledge~ nice watching the parents care for them...Mockingbirds are very territorial so they bomb dive anything that crowds their to watch that too...they aren't afraid of anything! We also have numerous purple martins....they come back every year %26amp; we are lucky to have two sets that stay many months...once we set up the purple martin hotel it has never been empty! Fascinating to watch them...they dip in the lake to drink %26amp; are quite entertaining to say the least! The mockingbirds often times have left a few stranded lil ones which I have nourished %26amp; the lil fledglings are grown %26amp; return to nest as adults here again...they seem to remember where they started, as they peer at me a distance away...We also have our own exotics that watch %26amp; call the birds as they come %26amp; feathered ones always are flocking around our home as well as being family~
Reply:I have a horse and last year I built a stable which was almost immediately occupied by a pair of swallows.They successfully raised and fledged five chicks and in the autumn flew off to Africa.I had been very much hoping to see them return again this year and last week they did just that and they are busy building a new nest in the roof of the stable.I found the whole experience of seeing them back again very uplifting.
Reply:we have ten stables, and two nests in every one, we've had a family of robins rear two chicks succesfuly and now the swallows are moving in, bring on the babie birds, how many will i have to rescue from my horses this year i wonder?
Reply:I have a pair of morning doves nesting on my trellis where I can't see the eggs, but know they are in there. I also hear a hooty owl at night calling to another that sounds like a baby owl nesting in a pepper tree.
Reply:i have several bird houses with nest in husband put a piece of wood near there opening so they have a ledge to sit in,its fun to watch them ,i also have a nest in my flower pot on my front porch,
Reply:I have several cardinal nests in the trees, robin nests in the bushes, and a sparrow is nesting in my birdhouse.
Reply:have blackbirds nesting in my soffits, the little buggers!! not gonna do anything about it cos i can hear loads of little tweets every now n then so think that there's kiddy winks in there too - bless em!

might start chargin them rent though??!
Reply:You can come and take my Cuckoo.It's going non stop now and

is regular as a Swiss clock.But i've noticed all are singing sweeter and a lot of Robins are about.
Reply:Sparrows,Cardinals,Robins, Blue Jays,Barn swallows(love their twittering)and a Mallard pair .Of course Blackbirds oh the red wingers seems they love my yard
Reply:Starlings in the Garage roof, blooming noisy but infinitely interesting.
Reply:I have 5 bluebird houses with a nest. Most have 3 or 4 light blue eggs. Some have hatched already.

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