Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do you need planning permission to build a single story garage/shed on your land?

The land is at the bottom of my large garden.

There is already a zinc shed there,but want to re-build it bigger/larger.

Do you need planning permission to build a single story garage/shed on your land?
You will probably need a building permit. Some citys are real fussy about that.
Reply:The 3 things that matter in deciding if it needs planning permission or not is the the floor area, height and how far it is from the closest highway
Reply:I would say yes you need planning permission for any thing you build. I had to get permission for both my wooden garden shed and a greenhouse both were 8 feet by 6 feet, had to be three feet away from any boundary fence or any service IE any manholes and drains etc

(8feet by 6 feet is about 250 by 180.)

But most councils have there own rules , better check first before building anything other wise you may be told to take it down, then permission just might be harder to get.

A few years ago a builder thought planning permission was in the bag so started to build several bungalows but was made to demolish them.but the choice is yours, best of luck to you.
Reply:depends wher you are. In Ireland you dont need planning permission if its not a permanent structure eg. zinc shed. If it is a permanent structure (made of blocks) it must be less than 120square feet (i think, not sure on that figure)
Reply:Hi,sorry to have to tell you but if your council is like mine then yes you will need planning permission.You can phone your local planning %26amp; ask without giving your name.Good Luck
Reply:Just phone council and enquire, the fact there is allready a shed there, should not be a problem. Best be safe than sorry.
Reply:it is best to check first but if it is not attached to the house it should be ok . allthe best molly
Reply:Depending on where you live you may be able to do it within permitted development rights.

Unless you live in a conservation area you can increase the footprint of your buildings by a certain percentage.

I'm not going to try to explain it here because I would urge you to contact your local council and ask them.
Reply:in the uk, if it is built out of bricks then yes, if it is out of wood, then no, because wood is classed as temporary building
Reply:In our area you would need a building permit. We found out the hard way.
Reply:It depends on your city codes and how big you are going, you may want to call your city and check before building. Most Sheds do not require a permit.

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