Thursday, May 20, 2010

I have and abandoned hedgehog in my garden!?

we have put it in a box in the shed and given it water and dog food. it is only very little an i dont think it has opened it eyes yet. it had a mum and brother but the have gone so it is on its own. what should i do to help it??

we have gone to the vets and they said the dog food.


I have and abandoned hedgehog in my garden!?
Is there any wildlife shelter in your area? If so call them. If not, does the hedgehog eat and drink on his own? If yes, then keep him like that until he grows older, when you can release him. Otherwise, you have to feed him, with a syringe (without the needle), after you soak and mash the dog food.
Reply:Did the vet specialize in exotic species, or was he just a "dog and cat" vet?

If you trust his knowledge, then go with his advice. If not, seek out a more knowledgeable vet, or someone who has hedgehogs.

Here are some sites that might help you.

The absolute best thing to do would be to contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center, and let the people with the proper training and resources care for the baby. You may be able to find one here:

Click on International Contacts (outside of the U.S.)

(I am assuming you do not live in the US, as I do not believe we have wild hedgehogs here.)
Reply:i would buy hedge hog food and let it eat that, nurse it if it doesnt have a mom. it isonly a baby. take t to the vet and ask if you can keep it? give it shots and vaccine if you can!!
Reply:Well if you think its best and you wanna keep it, then good luck :) at least you have a pet now. But if you can't keep him why won't you bring him to the Animal Shelter?


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