Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can someone shed some insight on Hemingway's 'The Garden of Eden'?

Why is it called 'The Garden of Eden'? I haven't read it yet, just the plot summaries.

Can someone shed some insight on Hemingway's 'The Garden of Eden'?
Wow - first question I have ever seen on this book. You have very good taste. It is Hemingway's unfinished work that he carried around with him for several years, unable to finish. It is totally and I mean totally different from any other Hemingway work. I really hate to give too much of it away, but it deals with three people and a sexual triangle - a married couple and a very intriguing woman. In it, the couple represent Adam and Eve and the third woman is the snake in that she is the temptation. The most interesting character is the wife. Watch what Hemingway does in developing her character. It is positively bizarre and at the same time totally fascinating to read. Very few people have read it except hardcore Hemingway buffs. I do recommend it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and a copy is in my library. Pax - C
Reply:read edgar allan poe's the raven

good stuff to answer ur question, even though its cryptic

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