Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can i bring my pit bull terrier out of the garden shed yet ?

Not just yet. The furore hasn't quite died down yet, although we have had a couple of coach crashes that have taken the spotlight away from them a little. Just chuck in a couple of kids for the dog to play with, and leave it another fortnight or so. I'm sure the News Of The World will find a paedo employed in a school soon, and then it'll be safe for Gnasher to come out again as nobody will give a sh*it about dogs anymore.

Can i bring my pit bull terrier out of the garden shed yet ?
I would buy it a mask and a wooly coat, change its name to Dolly and pretend its a sheep
Reply:Yes, but only if it feels like letting off some steam in this direction:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;...

Ooooh, I'm hopping mad! Hahahaha!...
Reply:Not save yet...
Reply:Only if you have no nosey neighbours spying on you.
Reply:Nope! Unless you want him to shed in the house.
Reply:That's not even close to being funny...how would you feel if it was a 5 year old relation of yours that had their throat ripped out by a pit bull...
Reply:How long has he been in there? And have you fed him?

He should be let out, sure!
Reply:after all thats been going on in the UK with that tragic story, i dunno. I think you should be careful. You dont want to end up in a situation where someone gets hurt or even worse dies. Sorry but i think you should have it in garden but in house, dunno. u have seen whgat has happened with poor little girl whilst she was asleep. I feel sorry for the family. the dog had to be put dwn so BE CAREFUL is all i can say.
Reply:Pondlife. You make me laugh.

Very Intelligent.

Reply:Jump in with it !!!!

This message will self destruct shortly.

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